Author: Heidi Jones

I knew college would not be easy. It isn’t supposed to be easy. For a college freshman, college is a terrifying new experience where the work is even more difficult than homework you had back in high school. Despite this expectation, for me, college has been fantastic. I have loved my experience here at Kansas […]

Being a college student is already stressful, but being a college student during a pandemic has proven to be a whole new challenge on its own. Despite the extra stress, Kansas Wesleyan University is doing its best to help its students survive these strange times. The university is not just focusing on the students’ physical […]

The spring season of athletics has officially started at Kansas Wesleyan University. Along with sports returning comes a new sport to campus: women’s flag football. Last year, the NAIA announced that, thanks to a partnership with the NFL, women’s flag football would be a collegiate sport for the first time for NAIA schools. Kansas Wesleyan […]

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