Author: Jarron Holden

     This week has been a great week for Kansas Wesleyan University, classes are starting to flow more fluently and things are starting to kick up for football and volleyball. This week our football team has taken on Sterling College and a out of division school. “I’m confident about our team this year, I […]

     So we’re going on 1 month now here at Kansas Wesleyan and you may notice. It’s a lot of food places down the road to eat at and even more restaurants downtown, but not a lot of people or “freshman” I should say have the means of transportation. “Yeah the cafe food isn’t that and […]

   To start off the 2021-22 Men’s Basketball season we begin the year with 20 freshmen, 4 transfers, and 15 returners. This isn’t your ideal basketball team but nothing comes easy in life so we are ready to work. “We all have one goal in common, we all want to get a championship under our belt” […]

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