Think about the last time you dinned in at a restaurant. Was your server friendly? Did your food come out in a timely fashion and prepared correctly? How was your overall experience? Now for the big question: did you tip twenty percent? If you answered yes to all of the questions except for the last […]

Recently, I went to Palenteria La Nena on W Cloud street to discover and try some Mexican treats. The store is conveniently located about a three minute drive from campus, making it an easy and convenient place to get a bite to eat after class. The store has a very unique set up and definitely […]

Umami Bowl, located west of Crawford and Ohio, is a causal dine-in or take-out restaurant offering Asian inspired dishes. The very name itself comes from the Japanese word “umami” which describes a category of taste that can best be defined as “savory”. At Umami Bowl, customers go down the line and pick which items they […]

Every year when Homecoming rolls around, a group of alumni are selected and recognized for the work that they have done after they graduate Kansas Wesleyan. This year there are five recipients being recognized for various awards. These awards recognize outstanding achievement by KWU alumni and help motivate current students and alumni to be the […]

  When you drive down Santa Fe Avenue and the other surrounding areas of campus, you will notice a number of local businesses that have been popping up over the last few years. From the very popular Taqueria Fresnillo on the corner of Cloud and Ninth Street to Salina Overstock on Santa Fe, unique and […]

Auntie Rita’s Jamaican Cuisine is a new, local, and family owned restaurant in Salina located at the corner of  Santa Fe and Jewell Avenue. Auntie Rita’s recently opened in July. It specializes in authentic Jamaican cuisine that tastes like it came right out of your aunts’ kitchen. This family owned restaurant is operated in a […]



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