Author: Mia Needles

Well, welcome back! another week has gone by of boredom. As I sit here in my house in Colorado away from school,  i am filled with nothing but boredom and I hate it. I want to talk about whats gong on around the world but I feel like I am trapped inside and have no […]

Hello and welcome back to the last and final blog post for a very long time. This quarantine has made me do a lot more homework then  I have ever wanted to specially when I am here at home. Since I have been away at college home is a safe place with no homework at […]

I have almost complelty lost my mind sitting inside of a house. I feel like all I do is start arguments with my family member and Tim because I am so frustrated being inside. It has been a really hard week for my entire family and it makes it worse being trapped but its ok […]

With the new COVID-19 virus, our entire campus of KWU has become vacant. The new virus is horrible and annoying in my opinion. I am a part of the women basketball team  and we worked extremely hard all year to get to one point in the season, the  NAIA National tournament. Our entire trip started […]

New Year and some new dates!  This new date Night Colum with be filled with different date nights for you are your significant other or for you and your friends! This will be the high light place for new ideas on dates or activities. There are going to be special weeks including “Girls Night Out” […]

At the end of the very long weekend of homecoming there was some very important news that everyone was waiting for based off of the several weeks spent voting over and over again to get the results of whop was going to be our 2019 homecoming king and queen. Our 2019 homecoming king, senior star […]

During the course of the Annual Kansas Wesleyan University Homecoming weekend several different activities went on through out the long three days of the weekend. The two games were played at two different locations, the baseball game was hosted at the Dean Evans stadium and the softball game was hosted at the Bill Burke field. […]

Kenwood Cove, located here in Salina, Kansas, is one of many big attractions to the community of Salina. It not only is to the town of Salina, but also to the students of Kansas Wesleyan University. Kenwood Coves hosts the yearly welcoming back pool party in August as the school year begins. Talking to many […]

Salina Kansas has always had this image of being a small town, but now its so much more with so many new things coming up around the town. For a small example Salina public library is hosting the new Neon exhibit. This is an exhibit is expected to bring a new bright look to Salina, […]

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