Author: Stephen Loader

Listen. I know what you’re thinking. “What does the ‘one’ mean in this cryptic title?” Well, it means basically everything. This is my final blog post. I just finished my final final. This is my final semester at school. This is my final day of school work. This blog post itself is my final assignment […]

This is my 2nd to last blog post for Kansas Wesleyan Student Media. I am graduating in a week’s time. I’m fairly certain I pulled out the lifetime 4.0 GPA amongst some real garbage, and I’m really proud of myself. It feels unreal to be done, and I’m not just trying to gloat. I finished […]

Hi! In the only two things I’ve been talking about in these blog posts (namely because they’ve been the only two things I’ve been doing) I’ve been making a little bit of cash. The first is poker with my friends from around the country, and the second is that narration project. Technically I’m still down […]

Hi. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what actually makes a difference to me, and what I view in life as “worth it.” I’m going to discuss this in my podcast, which the astute among you may notice is of much lower quality than the last one, […]

In my quarantine I’ve actually been doing more than I normally do in a sense, because it’s given a chance to both myself and my friends to be extra creative, as well as have time to explore the possibilities that crop up out of said creativity. I know that that’s pretty abstract, but I don’t […]

      In the vain hope of preventing my hysteria from isolation, I’ve been actually doing my schoolwork. In this trying time, the old adage of “due tomorrow, do tomorrow” has never been more fully implemented. It may not be the healthiest lifestyle, but I’m kind of at my wit’s end. I know this […]

In the midst of the current coronavirus nightmare, I’m struggling to keep my sanity in the absence of partying and time with friends. As some of you may know (for whatever reason), I have a LOT of online friends, and they have almost single-handedly come to my rescue. Twice per year or so we all […]

211 W Cloud St If you’re anything like me, the only Mexican food you’ve ever really had is either something made out of a box at home, something from Taco Bell, or something that just generally isn’t really satisfying. I have never been a big fan of Mexican food, and it’s always made me feel […]

1417 S 9th St Bogey’s is the bomb. There’s really no other way to put it. With a million billion ice cream flavors and combinations, custom drinks, curly fries, awesome burgers, cheese dip, mozzarella sticks, and a ton of other stuff, Bogey’s really lives up to its “Bogey’s is Better” slogan. Bogey’s is just a […]

2344 Planet Ave Mr. Goodcents is like the hidden gem of Salina, but I think it gets an undue bad rap. It’s a sub shop not unlike Subway, but it also has an expanded menu that includes pastas. I’ve heard from people that it’s subpar and the reviews online are all pretty bad for some […]



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