So. This sucks.    I don’t know about all of you but lately, when I’m not stressed or worried about the future I am very bored. Like soul-crushingly bored. This quarantine has left me with a lot of time for introspection and I have been able to go back through my Spotify, Youtube, podcasts, and […]

I feel like I have not been completely honest with everyone up until this point, but everyday I am starting to feel more and more comfortable- more ready to share my truth. There is no easy way to put this so I will just say it straight: I, Abby Wray, am a Blink -182 fan. […]

Hello! This weeks episode of Kinoko (yes, there is one!) will depart from its traditional schedule, as I was on J and Z last week, but our show couldn’t be broadcast due to server error. We talked about relationships and heartbreak and it’s some pretty heavy stuff, so I feel like it needs to be […]

Fall Break has finally come to an end, sadly; yet, that means Shingi and I should be back live for I Got Next! However, this week, the KWU Women’s Basketball team is on the road traveling to my home state of Nebraska for games both Thursday and Friday. That being said, this week’s show will […]

Hello! This week’s Kinoko will forego the talk show, as things have changed, and loop back around to soundtracks. Sorry if you were anticipating the talk segment, but the show must go on. Be sure to listen for some of the best soundtrack selections you’ll ever hear, and be sure to keep tuning back in […]

Q and Friends will Be moved to Thursday October 25th @ 8pm! We will talk postseason baseball, our favorite Halloween movies, activities, and costumes, and finally answer some listener questions! Come laugh with us, we have a good time.

While many of you were out trick or treating, maybe even partying, myself and my amazing editor got to be a part of an old-time-radio style radio drama that was part of our Media Performance class. Yes you heard that right, a radio drama. On Halloween night, we arrived at Ad Astra books and coffee […]

A look behind the scenes at the woman responsible for keeping our student media website up and running, Evin Miller.

It’s October and by now over bearing couples are posting pictures of pumpkins being carved. Pumpkin spice might as well added to the periodic table from October 1st to December 31st. But the one great thing about the fall is the sports. NFL and college football are in full swing. Playoff baseball is one of […]

This week on Kinoko 2.0 we are finally rolling around to the sampler, or smorgasbord if you will, music day! I will be pulling tracks from all over my taste in music for an hour where you’ll never know what to expect. This isn’t just a combination of the previous weeks, there is some music […]

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