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Here are Four NFL Story lines that no one wants to hear any more. “The END is near for Tom Brady”. When I see this headline a wanna smack the writers who keep telling us that Tom is getting close to hanging up his cleats. “Really?” What the next story you got for us? Steph […]

Guess what America? The NFL is back for good, God bless. For our third time around, I started “I Got Next” of solo waiting for Shingi to finish up with tennis team pictures. That being said, I was really able to dive in and recap over week one performances in the NFL without a distraction. […]

Whats goin on KWU!!!!! Its ya boy Jason Jepsen aka Smoovie_J. Today my main man Z aka Thirty One Flavors and I will be speaking on video games and what console is better Ps4 or Xbox. What system has better games? Can you tell the difference between the graphics? etc.. stay tuned because we will […]

Episode 3 is here and we are coming in HOT! We discuss the tragedy of losing a musical influence, listener questions, NFL week one results, the terrible movie that was “The Nun”, and a new segment titled “Don’t Knock It”. James, Bailey, Wyatt, Branson, and a possible special Skype guest joins the show tonight at 8 […]

| KWU Student Media Hey guys! This is Stephen Loader, the new co-host of Old Vinyl Night with veteran Jordan Waymaster. Our first show is coming up, and, despite meeting with some technical difficulties in getting the show to you, I'm excited to show what I have to bring to the table! For those of [...]

Back for more? We knew you couldn’t stay away from “I Got Next.” On this week’s episode Shingi and I delve into the football scene. Last week, universities all over the nation kicked-off in their season openers. Some teams started off strong, some gave it their best try, and some didn’t even make it to […]

We had a full studio last Wednesday night and we are about to have another full one on August 5th at 8 pm! I will tell the tale of all tales, we talk the new NFL season, fantasy football consequences, Colin Kaepernick, and of course LISTENER QUESTIONS! Come laugh with us, we have a good […]

It’s Old vinyl night! Streaming live from Ad Astra Books and Coffee in downtown Salina! Stephen Loader and Jordan Waymaster are set to spin some old goodies with some new twists thrown in along the way! So tune in Wednesdays at 6 P for Old Vinyl Night!

September 4, 2018

No show this week from myself I will be absent for football, next week catch me featuring on Drippin Juice. BIG HUBB OUT.

Welcome back fellow listeners! For many of you faithful fans who have listened in last year to my weekly radio shows on Tuesdays at one, things will be a little different. For you music lovers, I will sadly be playing less music… sorry. Instead, you will get to hear more of my own voice and […]

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