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Being a student athlete, especially at the collegiate level, comes with a very unique and demanding set of challenges. Between practice, games, weight room sessions, etc, it seems like sometimes there is just not enough time left to give coursework the attention it requires. As such, keeping grades up can be a problem for some […]

Typically, after a double-header of losses to open a season, there would be a cause for concern from players, coaches, and fans alike. However, for the KWU Men’s and Women’s Soccer teams, there are several reasons to remain positive after a less-than-ideal opening night. The men’s and women’s teams both fell to the University of […]

After an impressive ending to last season, the Kansas Wesleyan Men’s Golf team looks to pick right back up where they left off at the end of last Spring, where they competed at the national championship and finished in 16th place. In an effort to continue making improvements to maximize their chances of making another […]

     This week has been a great week for Kansas Wesleyan University, classes are starting to flow more fluently and things are starting to kick up for football and volleyball. This week our football team has taken on Sterling College and a out of division school. “I’m confident about our team this year, I […]

     So we’re going on 1 month now here at Kansas Wesleyan and you may notice. It’s a lot of food places down the road to eat at and even more restaurants downtown, but not a lot of people or “freshman” I should say have the means of transportation. “Yeah the cafe food isn’t that and […]

   To start off the 2021-22 Men’s Basketball season we begin the year with 20 freshmen, 4 transfers, and 15 returners. This isn’t your ideal basketball team but nothing comes easy in life so we are ready to work. “We all have one goal in common, we all want to get a championship under our belt” […]

Nicole Joplin – Sophomore, Major is Nursing, hometown is Brownfield, Texas. Nicole Joplin got injured the first week of school and has been out on the sidelines ever since. Here is her side of what it’s like to be on the sidelines. Joplin said “I injured my left elbow as i was doing my second […]

  Professor Phil Meckley said “I think spiritual development is important because when you talk about the whole person you can’t cut a person apart. You can’t just talk about the intellectual or the developmental or the emotional, you just can’t break a person to pieces. The spiritual side of somebody’s extremely important of who […]

There was a school event at the Alley which is an arcade and bowling alley with laser tag place where families go to have fun.  Many of the students who went enjoyed themselves and had a great time bowling and enjoying time with fellow students.  Where everything was provided so no one had to spend […]

Welcome back Coyotes it’s a new year new semester and some things still haven’t changed, while other things have. It’s still 2021 and covid is still around and affecting our lives still more than we know it. Even if we won’t want to open up our eyes and realize it. Although Covid is still around […]

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