This week has been a great week for Kansas Wesleyan University, classes are starting to flow more fluently and things are starting to kick up for football and volleyball. This week our football team has taken on Sterling College and a out of division school. “I’m confident about our team this year, I […]

     So we’re going on 1 month now here at Kansas Wesleyan and you may notice. It’s a lot of food places down the road to eat at and even more restaurants downtown, but not a lot of people or “freshman” I should say have the means of transportation. “Yeah the cafe food isn’t that and […]

School is all but over, summer is approaching, and now students here on campus are going to need to find ways to keep busy until we’re back in Salina for the fall semester here in 2021. While the obvious answer to the entertainment predicament is simple, get a job, a part-time career can only do […]

This semester Kansas Wesleyan will graduate a group of special seniors. It has been an incredible and unique experience for the Yotes’ and it is exciting to think about what the future holds for these distinguished students. They’ve been through covid and back to finish this year, they worked their tails off and are ready […]

The end is near. Finals are quickly approaching. And as we wind down on a particularly interesting school year many students are finally ready to buckle down and prepare for the best/worst of finals week. The other main thing that will be happening over the next few weeks is students slowly packing up their rooms, […]

The music department has been hard at work this past year. They have overcome mask wearing, social distancing, and smaller than usual in person audiences; but through all this the music has still been able to shine and sing its way through the school year. There are still two more concerts on the docket to […]

May 2nd 2020 I wrote an article that could act as a time capsule for the craziness of 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic. I wanted to revisit that article and respond to some of the questions, predictions and facts. All the writing in italics is what I wrote last year, and in normal print will […]

When it comes to a school and makes it stand out, it makes you think what does this school have that other schools don’t? what draws students to this school and what makes them want to come here. Sometimes it’s about the sports, academics, dance etc. as well as what’s someone favorite part of their […]

Dear Donald Trump: A letter from an Impatient American Dear Donald Trump,  Hey, it’s me- an average white lower-middle class college student and woman in America. I have been able to witness firsthand your presidency from the Midwest and I have followed many decisions you have made within the past four years closely. I watched […]

Everyone has a story. Everyone has problems. Everyone has pieces of their life they don’t share.  I was diagnosed with a heart condition called supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) earlier this year after struggling with heart health my entire life. SVT is a heart condition where the patient experiences extreme rapid heart rate at random; in my […]

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