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School is all but over, summer is approaching, and now students here on campus are going to need to find ways to keep busy until we’re back in Salina for the fall semester here in 2021. While the obvious answer to the entertainment predicament is simple, get a job, a part-time career can only do […]

If you’re searching for hidden gems on campus, one of the best places you’ll find them is in Fitzpatrick Auditorium located in Sams Hall of Fine Arts. A place that holds the spotlight for aspiring actors, musicians, technical directors, and everything in between. One of their recent works was the musical Little Shop of Horrors, […]

The school year is almost over, and hundreds of students here at Kansas Wesleyan are about to go home to places all over the country, and depending on where you live, the experience is going to be vastly different from person to person. To make things a little better for all of us, I’ve put […]

This semester Kansas Wesleyan will graduate a group of special seniors. It has been an incredible and unique experience for the Yotes’ and it is exciting to think about what the future holds for these distinguished students. They’ve been through covid and back to finish this year, they worked their tails off and are ready […]

One of my favorite places to get a sweet treat in Salina is Dagney’s Ice Cream located on Iron Street in Downtown Salina. Dagney’s is a locally owned and operated ice cream shop that sources all of its ingredients from local farms. They offer a wide variety of flavors that are very unique and super […]

“Are you guys still in season?” Is a question that Tabetha Deines (JR/Salina, Kansas) hears all too often. A majority of sports typically only range for one season out of the whole school year. And while that might be true for Deines, she competes in what could be considered a three in one sport. Deines […]

Salina may be located in Kansas, and thus, will forever be associated with cows, farming, and the Wizard of Oz- but more than that Salina is actually the home of some true hidden gems. One of these hidden gems is Ad Astra. Created in 2011, this local coffee shop and hang out spot is truly […]

The end is near. Finals are quickly approaching. And as we wind down on a particularly interesting school year many students are finally ready to buckle down and prepare for the best/worst of finals week. The other main thing that will be happening over the next few weeks is students slowly packing up their rooms, […]

The music department has been hard at work this past year. They have overcome mask wearing, social distancing, and smaller than usual in person audiences; but through all this the music has still been able to shine and sing its way through the school year. There are still two more concerts on the docket to […]

I knew college would not be easy. It isn’t supposed to be easy. For a college freshman, college is a terrifying new experience where the work is even more difficult than homework you had back in high school. Despite this expectation, for me, college has been fantastic. I have loved my experience here at Kansas […]

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