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211 W Cloud St If you’re anything like me, the only Mexican food you’ve ever really had is either something made out of a box at home, something from Taco Bell, or something that just generally isn’t really satisfying. I have never been a big fan of Mexican food, and it’s always made me feel […]

1417 S 9th St Bogey’s is the bomb. There’s really no other way to put it. With a million billion ice cream flavors and combinations, custom drinks, curly fries, awesome burgers, cheese dip, mozzarella sticks, and a ton of other stuff, Bogey’s really lives up to its “Bogey’s is Better” slogan. Bogey’s is just a […]

2344 Planet Ave Mr. Goodcents is like the hidden gem of Salina, but I think it gets an undue bad rap. It’s a sub shop not unlike Subway, but it also has an expanded menu that includes pastas. I’ve heard from people that it’s subpar and the reviews online are all pretty bad for some […]

2342 Planet Ave CD Tradepost is more than meets the eye from its name. You may think that it’s just a place to buy albums, and you’d be partially correct. You may think it’s a place to go buy video games, and you’d also be partially correct. You may think it’s a place to buy […]

427 S Broadway Blvd Do you play games? Xbox? Playstation? Tabletop Games? Retro Games? How about cards? Do you like baseball cards, Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic the Gathering, or Pokemon? If you answered yes to any of these, do you ever want somewhere to go to do those things and buy gear for cheap? The Arena […]

A trip through the Fitzpatrick Hall of Fine Arts will tell you everything you’ll read here in fewer words; excellence is a tradition; one that Kansas Wesleyan upholds in spades. While it may go under the radar, Kansas Wesleyan is known in certain circles for a continuous streak of national championship caliber competition, and this […]

According to the BBC, around 40% of the world’s population is currently logged into social media accounts across the globe. That’s almost three billion people ranging in ages all over the spectrum visiting online sites to check up on the latest feeds. On average, society chalks up to and exceeds two hours a day tweeting, […]

Salina Community Theatre A non-profit organization, the Salina Community Theatre is a place where people of Salina can go to see theatrical plays and shows. This community filled experience is available to all people and also gives them the opportunity to chase a dream, learn, participate, and help produce a theatrical program. Much like the […]

The Kansas Wesleyan University football team’s historic run has come to an end. The Coyotes 13-0 record ended in the NAIA National Semi-Finals to Benedictine College by a score of 43-21. The Coyotes perfect 11-0 season was good enough to propel the team in the national tournament. The Coyotes opened up the postseason play with […]

According to recent reports from the KWU Athletics Committee, female athletes are exceeding in the classroom more than their male counterparts. On a national scale, the average GPA for women was a 2.96, while males were at a 2.70. Now this isn’t just a national issue. This is an issue that definitely hits right at […]



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