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So. This sucks.    One of the most unexpected difficulties with COVID-19 and quarantine is school. Focusing on schoolwork, essays, and lesson plans seems impossible most days. I know some people are thriving with online school but for me, not having a teacher I meet with to hold me accountable has been hard. Not being […]

So. This sucks.    The number one thing I have been told over and over again during this time of despair and distractions is self care. For many students, traditionally self care has meant hanging out with friends, going to the movies, doing a face mask, or getting your nails done. It seems like no […]

So. This sucks.  I have gone back and forth how to write this. This could have some kind of positive spin or it could be my most intimate feelings of utter hopelessness. I’m still unsure how it will turn out but here is what’s going on in my head today in Salina, Kansas.   I […]

This is my 2nd to last blog post for Kansas Wesleyan Student Media. I am graduating in a week’s time. I’m fairly certain I pulled out the lifetime 4.0 GPA amongst some real garbage, and I’m really proud of myself. It feels unreal to be done, and I’m not just trying to gloat. I finished […]

This may sound really naggy or really disappointed, and you are 100% correct. Next Friday will be the last day that I have to take any courses through Kansas Wesleyan, and I don’t exactly know how to feel. I am trying to be positive withe everything going on, so I am trying to realize that. […]

Hi! In the only two things I’ve been talking about in these blog posts (namely because they’ve been the only two things I’ve been doing) I’ve been making a little bit of cash. The first is poker with my friends from around the country, and the second is that narration project. Technically I’m still down […]

Hi. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what actually makes a difference to me, and what I view in life as “worth it.” I’m going to discuss this in my podcast, which the astute among you may notice is of much lower quality than the last one, […]

I have almost complelty lost my mind sitting inside of a house. I feel like all I do is start arguments with my family member and Tim because I am so frustrated being inside. It has been a really hard week for my entire family and it makes it worse being trapped but its ok […]

The Corona Virus has been a crazy experience for not just me, but for my teammates from all over. Even the whole country has been shut down. The president has backed away from opening businesses of all types up right away. But he also had a point that this Virus is pretty bad. I read […]

In my quarantine I’ve actually been doing more than I normally do in a sense, because it’s given a chance to both myself and my friends to be extra creative, as well as have time to explore the possibilities that crop up out of said creativity. I know that that’s pretty abstract, but I don’t […]



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