It’s no secret that when classes are in session on the KWU campus, the multicultural population of the entire City of Salina increases in a measurable way. But for a great many people the true richness of that contribution to our community goes largely unrecognized. In order to address that shortcoming, KWU Communications Major Tyler “King” […]

Meet Mubelele Mhango the 18-year soccer player who has found his way across the world.  When he first came to America from his home country Malawi, he finished his last year of high school at Gate Way Academy in Illinois.  Ever since then his soccer career has taken off since he has started college.  If […]

So. This sucks.    This article is going to act as a time capsule for the world around us today. I’m going to be making a list of facts, making personal predictions about the future, and asking a lot of open ended questions to look back at once there is some normalcy.    Facts  Today’s […]

Coronado Heights is a fantastic place to go to escape the confines of the city and explore nature. A scenic drive up the mountain is met with a historic castle and recreational area. Access to fire pits inside the castle also provide an area for nighttime activities as well as warmth during winter months. The […]

Like every international student, I am often asked, “What is it about your country that makes it different from the U.S.?” First thing that comes to my mind, without which I couldn’t even be here in the first place, is college sports. I don’t know about other countries, but in Poland, if not in whole […]

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