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Barbara Marshall’s public speaking class had a guest speaker a few weeks ago with a career that heavily involves public speaking and communication. Randall Hardy is a Kansas State Senator for the 24th district who assumed office in 2017. He spoke to Marshall’s class to give a glimpse at what it is like to represent […]

At the end of the very long weekend of homecoming there was some very important news that everyone was waiting for based off of the several weeks spent voting over and over again to get the results of whop was going to be our 2019 homecoming king and queen. Our 2019 homecoming king, senior star […]

During the 2019 Homecoming week, the Kansas Wesleyan Golf Team will be busy supporting the Annual Coyote cup, which is a Shotgun style tournament in which the proceeds go towards funding Kansas Wesleyan’s Athletics. The event took place at 12:30 PM on Friday the 11th. For those of you that do not know what a […]

During the course of the Annual Kansas Wesleyan University Homecoming weekend several different activities went on through out the long three days of the weekend. The two games were played at two different locations, the baseball game was hosted at the Dean Evans stadium and the softball game was hosted at the Bill Burke field. […]

The annual K-Dub alumni awards is hosted every year at homecoming. Homecoming is about bringing alumni together for a fun weekend to recognize their accomplishments throughout the years and reminisce on their experiences they had on campus as students. This year at the awards ceremony, four awards will be given out. The alumni service award […]

While homecoming weekends are usually associated with football games, alumni events and parties, there’s another event planned for this weekend that is more for those with a scientific pursuit in mind. It is the opportunity for alumni, parents and students alike to take a look at the newly renovated Pollack Chemistry Lab in Peters Science […]

When you think about giving a gift to your college, a few things come to mind- a cash gift, a donation of artwork, a memorial gift. But what so many alumni do not consider is an estate gift, or making KWU a beneficiary in their estate plans. So what is an estate gift? Why should […]

There have been a lot of changes recently in and around Kansas Wesleyan this year and with these changes comes a new Pastor at the United Methodist Church which is located right next to campus. I recently asked the new Pastor a brief series of questions regarding his relationship with Kansas Wesleyan and to get […]

Salina Kansas has always had this image of being a small town, but now its so much more with so many new things coming up around the town. For a small example Salina public library is hosting the new Neon exhibit. This is an exhibit is expected to bring a new bright look to Salina, […]



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