Born in the back of a station wagon somewhere Out West. Raised on a farm near Pretty Prairie, KS. Misspent his youth in Wichita, where he studied broadcasting at Wichita State University before leaving to live the life of a nomadic reporter and writer. Stringer for CNN, AP, Reuters, and while it was around, UPI. Worked in print, radio and television news before chucking it all to the wind to "teach". He fiddles with things, likes dogs, cats and Islay Scotch whisky. Spends his spare time frightening the neighbors by using power tools in the basement during the middle of the night. Is married to a woman who Should Have Known Better, and is the father of a precocious undergrad who can break boards with her fingertips. Is followed around aimlessly by two slightly neurotic dogs, and is batted-at and spoken-down-to by a single cat.

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