Salina Fieldhouse

Written by on July 22, 2019

The Salina Fieldhouse, located in downtown Salina, Kansas, is a secure and safe environment for having fun and working out.  The Fieldhouse has a list of days that allows you to book the whole place or even just to use one court. The hourly rates are very reasonable for the pricing especially for the fact that you can occupy a whole section on your own time.. Walking in you can see just how beautiful the facility is. It’s clean, quiet, and you can tell that it is very high maintenance. The guards are also very friendly and welcoming.

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The lobby is used often to host community events including the Greater Salina Community Foundation Match Madness. As seen below it is spacious, modern and welcoming.

| KWU Student Media

They have multiple basketball courts for multiple events that all run on an Ipad control system.

The facility manager can switch from a volleyball game to a basketball game all within 45 seconds.

| KWU Student Media

It also has a turf field that you can do some indoor workouts when it gets cold in the winter. It’s a fun and open place you can take your family just to have some fun.

There is plenty of room for a family reunion, wedding, or whatever big event you can plan. The Salina Fieldhouse can host it.

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