Sex Talk with Cass Episode #1

Cassity Morlan


Sex Talk with Cass is back!!

Welcome to the first episode of the new podcast Sex Talk with Cass, previously a radio show featured on KKWU radio for the past year and a half. Tackling subjects of love, relationships, and sex (and everything in between)  in a sex positive and inclusive environment for all who listen.

Episode #1 features segments on how to casually date, how to *kinda* stop drinking before dates, and stop asking people why they’re single along with some reasons why they might be!

Weekly goal: Back to School with Sex Education Week #1 –

It’s always the right time of year to practice safe sex. Learn about birth control, STD/STIs, pregnancy, condoms, and protecting yourself at the following resource posted below. Talk with your partner(s) and be sure to be communicating with them on these subjects too!

Tune in on Tuesdays and Fridays for more sex talk and subjects to come.




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