Sex Talk with Cass Episode #11

Cassity Morlan


Sex Talk with Cass Episode #11: ??



Tea Talk Time!!!  ???

Another episode of your favorite, Tea Talk with Cass and Ky!

If we have an hour and 14 minutes to talk about relationships and sex and everything then you have an hour and 14 minutes to listen and love every minute!


On this episode join me and Ky as we just spill some tea! Follow these two hotties on social media below!

Twitter: @kylieross9

Instagram: @kylie_b_ross11 &


More episodes of Tea Talk to come soon! Any topics you want to hear? Let me know.


Prostate (& Pussy) Awareness Month:

Week Two: Keep your lady bits fit with kegel exercises. Then show it some love with some of your favorite sex toys!


Check out these resources ↓


Is there any topics you want me to talk about? Let me know!!

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