Sex Talk with Cass Episode #7

Cassity Morlan


Sex Talk with Cass Episode #7: ???



Tea Talk!!! ??

Welcoming a new segment of Sex Talk with Cass – Tea Talk! Listen to me and different friends talking on different subjects of our choice and others! Listen as we dive in and talk on anything and everything!


On this episode join me and Kylie (and Evin, briefly) as we just spill and sip some tea! Follow these two hotties on social media below!

Twitter: @kylieross9 & @realevinmiller

Instagram: @kylie_b_ross11 & @evinmiller


More episodes of Tea Talk to come soon! Any topics you want to hear? Let me know.


Breast Health & Role Play Month:

Week Two: Dive into role play with some erotic costumes that go beyond lingerie… play your hand as a sexy school girl, cop, fire fighter, nurse, or more… and let your imagination take over! There are so many great costumes that are sexy during Halloween time!


Check out these resources ↓


Is there any topics you want me to talk about? Let me know!!

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