The Sandwich Factory: A Gastrocultural Podcast – Episode 01 – Let There be Bread

Paul Green March 12, 2021

Paul Green | KWU Student Media

The Sandwich Factory: A Gastrocultural Podcast

A weekly podcast centered around food and culture in America. The host prepares and serves a different sandwich for every episode, and the conversation with guests begins with a discussion of food before moving on to its impacts on culture and diversity in the USA. 

Episode 01 – Let There be Bread

In this episode our intrepid gastrocultural explorers ask the question “What does food have to do with culture?” Is the old adage “You are what you eat” literally true?

How do our choices of food define us, not just personally, but as members of larger cultural and ethnic groups? Are we even aware of why we make the food choices we do, or are those things the result of habits taught to us by our families, and then forgotten…leaving us defined with likes and dislikes regarding foods and cultures we know little about. Are we then doomed to let a world of cultural foodstuffs pass us by unexplored because we were brought up to consider certain foods as undesirable?

The questions raised by exploring these issues are myriad, and likely to lead to even more questions instead of simple, easily-digestible answers. 

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This Episode’s Fare


Paul Green | KWU Student Media

The Roast Beef Sandwich

Shaved roast beef on white bread, with mayonnaise, horseradish sauce, romaine lettuce and sliced tomato, served with a small pasta salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette, a small cup of hearty broccoli soup, and hot mint tea. 


KWU Student MediaPaul Green | KWU Student Media

Breads are the basis for any good sandwich, then comes the filling. But to really round off the experience, a careful selection of the proper condiments is critical to building that unique flavor profile. Here we have the three basics; Horseradish sauce, spicy mustard, and a sweet cream salad dressing. The combination of these three in just the right, light amounts, helps to compliment everything else in this beef sandwich. Be careful, as with everything in this process, it’s easy to overdo it and end up with the condiments overpowering the real flavor of the main ingredients.


KWU Student MediaPaul Green | KWU Student Media

Choosing a side for a sandwich transforms a simple grab-and-go lunch solution into a more social event – it makes it a meal. For this pairing, we settled on a slightly sweet pasta salad of rigatoni, bell peppers, onion, shredded carrot with oregano, parsley, and parmesan cheese, all tossed with a balsamic vinaigrette. The sweetness of the dressing along with the crunch of the peppers and vegetables combined with the heartiness of the pasta to create a satisfying feeling of fullness.


KWU Student MediaPaul Green | KWU Student Media

The perfect balance to a filling meal is a hot cup of tea on a dreary and rainy day. This mint tea was steeped through an infuser and allowed to settle for around ten minutes. The result was a smooth and mellow beverage with just enough of a hint of mint to complement the savory and contrast with the sweet. It served as a delicious palate cleanser between bites.

Our guests for this episode:

Dr. Andrew Bedrous

Associate Professor of Sociology, Chair of the Department of Behavioral Science and Human Services, Kansas Wesleyan University


Dr. Phil Meckley

Professor of Religion & Philosophy, Chair, Division of Humanities and Teacher Education, Honors Program Director


The Roast Beef Sandwich


Paul Green | KWU Student Media

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