The Sandwich Factory: A Gastrocultural Podcast – Episode 03 – You can Tune a Piano, but You Can’t Tuna Fish

Paul Green March 27, 2021


A weekly podcast centered around food and culture in America. The host prepares and serves a different sandwich for every episode, and the conversation with guests begins with a discussion of food before moving on to its impacts on cultural identity, social stability, and culinary diversity in the USA. 

In this episode our intrepid gastrocultural explorers ask the question “What’s the relationship between food and music?” 

A perfectly-set table, romantic candlelight, and carefully-presented and plated food can be a truly wonderful experience. But does music have the power to shift the merely wonderful into the truly transcendent? Some experts say yes, and recent studies are strengthening the link between our enjoyment of food, and the impact music can have on our perception of that experience. 

So…what kind of music is best for your mealtime? Do different styles lead to different experiences? Does a toe-tapping tune make you eat your tuna fish sandwich faster?

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This Episode’s Fare

Tuna on artisan white bread with mayo, romaine lettuce, and thinly sliced tomato. Served with a side of cottage cheese and cream of chicken soup.

Our guests for this episode:

Dr. Milt Allen

Assistant Professor of Music, Chair of the Department of Music, Kansas Wesleyan University

Heidi Jones

A KWU freshman Communications Major, member of the inaugural KWU Women’s Flag Football Team


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