The Coyote Bucket List

There’s More to Life than Studying

Part of being a student at Kansas Wesleyan University is being a citizen of Salina and Saline County, and coming to realize there’s a life to be lived outside the walls of classrooms, dorms and gymnasiums. There’s plenty to see and do, both in the city limits of Salina, and out in the country in north-central Kansas, and much of it might come as a surprise at how easy it is to access, and the lasting impressions it can leave on you long after you’ve gone.

You’ve undoubtedly heard the KWU “Alma Mater” sung at least once during your time here, but like many, some of the lyrics below might have puzzled you.

The KWU Alma Mater

Oh Wesleyan, dear Wesleyan!
The days may come, the days may go.
But still our hearts in mem’ry cling
To those college days of long ago.

The color scraps, the student pranks,
The calls we made at Schuyler Hall,
The picnic on the Smoky’s banks,
We recall them all, we love them all.

Thru youth, thru prime and when the days
Of harvest time to us shall come;
Thru all we’ll bear the mem’ries dear,
Of those golden days at the Wesleyan.

Then when perchance we’re far away,
And cares of life to each are come,
We’ll not forget, e’en then to pray,
For the Wesleyan, dear Wesleyan.

What’s a “color scrap”? Where IS “Schuyler Hall”? And the “Smoky’s banks”? All of these things were important to the Coyotes who came before you, but many of their origins and meanings have been lost to antiquity. That’s where we come in.

KWU students, faculty and staff, along with a group of Salinans have assembled what we like to think of as a “bucket list” of things you need to complete in order to call yourself an “authentic” Kansas Wesleyan Coyote. Because a true coyote knows their home range, and studies and learns from it each and every day.

You’ll find collected an array of places to visit, things to do, and experiences to pursue that are unique to Kansas Wesleyan, Salina, and north central Kansas. By the time you’ve finished working your way through the Coyote Bucket List, you’ll be able to call yourself a true KWU Coyote, and for as long as you’ll live, you’ll understand why the people who live and work in this part of the world choose to do so.

Let’s get started!


The Master List

1. The Coyote’s Nose

2. Cozy Inn

3. Taco Fresnillo Taco Tuesdays

4. Indian Rock

5. Picnic at Oakdale Park

6. Ad Astra

7. Coronado Heights

8. Kanopolis Lake

9. Kanopolis Drive-In

10. Eisenhower Museum in Abilene

11. SAC Cinema

12. Stiefel Theatre

13. Smoky Hill Museum

14. The Land Institute

15. Telescope Viewing/Skywatch

16. Blue Sky Brewery

17. Hammock Time

18. Tailgate

19. Homecoming

20. Etiquette Dinner

21. Water Park

22. Lakewood Park Nature Trail

23. Salina Community Theatre

24. Attend a play in Fitzpatrick Auditorium

25. Attend a concert in Sams Chapel

26. Attend at least one KWU/Bethany rivalry game

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