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Hates everything. Except dogs. And cats with one eye.  

Sports guy. Bowler. Loves tacos. Possibly a spy.  

DJ. Voice Talent. Man of Mystery.   Hi! I’m Stephen Loader, I’m born and raised in Salina, KS, I’m a Communications major, junior, voiceover artist, host of Kinoko 2.0, and operations manager for KKWU Radio. My interests include: video games, anime, manga, esports, voice acting, and entertaining. I have a wonderful girlfriend that lives in […]

Darth Paul.     Born in the back of a station wagon somewhere Out West. Raised on a farm near Pretty Prairie, KS. Misspent his youth in Wichita, where he studied broadcasting at Wichita State University before leaving to live the life of a nomadic reporter and writer. Stringer for CNN, AP, Reuters, and while […]

Evil. Not really. Maybe.   Hello all! I’m Evin Miller, one of the radio personalities here at KKWU Radio. Along with hosting my own show, I run the behind the scenes tech for the kwustudentmedia webpage. When I am not running around busy for the KWU media outlets, I am either focusing on my sophomore […]



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