Team Members

A soccer player, social media maven, Communications major, and active in the student Multicultural Association, Tyler enjoys fly-fishing, spending time with her collection of garden gnomes, and hard-boiled eggs.  Actually…we just made all that stuff up about fishing and eggs and garden gnomes. We don’t know what she likes or enjoys. It’s entirely possible she’s […]

Honestly…he just showed up one day. And yeah…he looks kind of like that one guy. But, he does a good job on the radio, so we’ll keep him around for a while. 

A double Sports Management/Marketing Communications Major, Hunter is from Ventura, CA, but really calls everywhere his home. A football player, sportscaster, peer mentor and active in digital media, he loves living in the moment and never backing down from a challenge. If he’s not outside enjoying nature, then he’s online day-trading or digging deep into […]

  She does debate, forensics, newspaper, NewsDesk, Theatre and public speaking of all kinds. You may also know her as your favorite radio DJ or podcast gremlin. She does it all. A leader of the pack, Abby enjoys moments alone and with friends just as much as she enjoys chocolate ice cream and learning about […]

Born in the back of a station wagon somewhere Out West. Raised on a farm near Pretty Prairie, KS. Misspent his youth in Wichita, where he studied broadcasting at Wichita State University before leaving to live the life of a nomadic reporter and writer. Stringer for CNN, AP, Reuters, and while it was around, UPI. Worked in print, radio and television news before chucking it all to the wind to "teach". He fiddles with things, likes dogs, cats and Islay Scotch whisky. Spends his spare time frightening the neighbors by using power tools in the basement during the middle of the night. Is married to a woman who Should Have Known Better, and is the father of a precocious undergrad who can break boards with her fingertips. Is followed around aimlessly by two slightly neurotic dogs, and is batted-at and spoken-down-to by a single cat.

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