By Ryah Klima / Opinion Editor In my visual communications class last week, we discussed visual association. I gave a short (but passionate) speech about the importance of Barbie in my life. In response, someone said, “You’re such a girl.” And you know what? They’re right. I am such a girl. My mom primarily raised […]

By Ryah Klima / Opinion Editor In today’s times, there are many opinion-based disputes. If someone gets asked, “Does pineapple belong on pizza?” It’ll be met with a plethora of answers, and if the right people disagree, a heated discussion can break out. Of course, these conversations are typically playful in nature, and rarely lead […]

By Aubreigh Heck / Editor-In-Chief It was my sophomore year of high school that my hometown, Las Vegas, Nevada, suffered from the largest mass shooting in American history.  October 1. 58 dead. Over 600 injured.  I had never seen my city come full stop like that before. Las Vegas Blvd was empty, the hotels were […]

Nicolas Fierro / Staff Writer Less than a year ago, I was in disbelief to the point where I told myself, “wow this is actually happening.” I was about to act in front of a live audience for the first time in my life. Moments before stepping out on stage for “The Gift of the […]

By Elijah Resano / Staff Writer When I’m not drowning myself in homework, frantically trying to get it all done in one day so I can have the rest of the week free or going on an eight-hour long video game marathon, I find myself taking the time to go outside. I’m not a nature […]

Last Thursday, Aug. 31, Kansas Wesleyan University’s Media Production courses provided students with a valuable opportunity to discuss the effects of an international press rights controversy in Marion, KS. On Aug. 11, the Marion Police Department executed a sweep of the Marion County Record’s newsroom. The raid has drawn international scrutiny for suspected violations of […]

By Gage Thompson / Opinion Editor As American citizens, it’s important to know that the First Amendment is important to the United States people and entails that it protects freedom of speech, the press, assembly and the right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. With this, I feel like the great state of […]

By Elijah Resano / Staff Writer There was once a time where I found myself in a tropical island in the mysterious region of southeast Asia, in the great archipelago that is the Philippines. During that time, I didn’t dare to think that I would end up in some Kansas micropolis that I’d never heard […]

By Lily Roberts / Staff Writer In a world where sports like soccer, basketball and tennis dominate the spotlight, the art of dance often finds itself on the sidelines, fighting for recognition as a legitimate sport. However, to dismiss dance as anything less than a sport is to underestimate the incredible physical and mental demands […]

By Aubreigh Heck / Editor-In-Chief Oftentimes when I scroll through the comments of posts celebrating the Vegas Golden Knights Stanley Cup win, people are crying that the Knights were “handed” their championship roster by the league during the 2017 Expansion Draft.  Those people, to be quite honest, are idiots.  The Golden Knights entered the league […]

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