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By Ryah Klima / Opinion Editor “You’re going to be a wonderful journalist.”   That was what Jeroen Nelemans told me after the opening night of “Radium Girls” back in October. I played the role of the ‘sob sister’. He knew that I planned to become a journalist, and he even told me about how he […]

By Beau Grant / Co-Sports Editor Intramural sports have a rich history on college campuses, dating back several centuries. The overall concept of intramural sports became more formalized in the early 20th century. This period was focused on physical education programs and the recognition of the importance of sports and recreational activities in promoting student […]

By Savannah Koga / Staff Writer Battle of the Halls  Next week starts the annual Battle of the Halls competition. This feisty competition puts each dorm up against one another to determine which hall reigns supreme. There will be a series of competitions over the next week, across 5fivedays, that everyone can compete in to […]

By Merissa Bailey Rios / Staff Writer Power Of Music  Music while being a source of entertainment is also a powerful tool that resonates with our very core. Regardless of personal preferences, music offers a unique wellspring of comfort and connection for many individuals. It has the remarkable ability to uplift our spirits, soothe difficult […]

By AJ Cahee / Staff Writer In a heartwarming display of community engagement, several members of the Kansas Wesleyan University Football Kansas team dedicated their time to inspire and educate young minds at Grace E. Stewart Elementary School. As part of the nationwide celebration of Dr. Seuss Week, these athletes put up their jerseys and […]

By Savannah Koga / Staff Writer  Women in Leadership Conference  On Thursday, March 28th, Kansas Wesleyan University hosted the annual Women in Leadership conference. This will be KWU’s third annual conference. The event begins at 4:40pm and will be held in Mabee arena, inside the student activity center on the KWU campus.  The conference began […]

Easter Sunday is widely celebrated across the globe. With Kansas Wesleyan University being a Christian oriented school, you can expect students and staff to be celebrating the holiday. Easter Sunday is celebrated to commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in the Christian faith. Churches like University United Methodist Church (UUMC) experience a great […]

Nicolas Fierro/Staff Writer Kansas Wesleyan University has started their construction project in renovating the cafeteria. KWU decided to expand the current cafeteria in Pfeiffer hall, after making the initial decision to assemble a brand new facility. The the renovated cafeteria will be called “Shriwise Cafe at Bieber Dining Hall.” Jeff and Margie Bieber who were […]

By Merissa Bailey Rios/ Staff Writer For decades, a heartwarming tradition has been presented by the Kansas Wesleyan University Wesleyan Chorale, Singing Valentines. Each year, on Valentine’s Day the chorale travels through Salina, serenading sweethearts with beautiful melodies and spreading love throughout the city.  This year, under the direction of David Corman, the chorale is […]

By Savannah Koga / Staff Writer Every year, Kansas Wesleyan University hosts an event called ‘Night with the Yotes’. The 2024 Night with the Yotes will be held February 23rd, in Mabee Arena of the KWU Student Activities Center.  The doors will open at 5 pm, with a welcome speech and dinner beginning at 7, […]

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