Month: September 2022

Some of the biggest moments in sports history attained that stature they have because they were aided by a fantastic call by the play-by-play. A good call from the announcer can be the final piece to the puzzle, with the excitement oozing from their voice elevating the moment to iconic status. It can be a […]

Our setting is the city of Salina, 1954. Filming for the 1955 film “Picnic” has just wrapped up along the banks of the beautiful, vibrant, flowing Smoky Hill River. City residents have resumed some of their favorite recreational activities, which include boating, fishing and even swimming. Salina is alive and well, rich in entertainment options […]

In Salina, there are many locally owned businesses, especially food related businesses. On Saturday, September 24, 2022, I decided to eat at Bogeys.  The Building Bogeys, similar to many old locally owned businesses, is a burger joint. Located at 1417 South 9th Street, this makes it only about a five minute walk from the dormitories […]

Darryl Burton is a man who was convicted of murder that he didn’t commit in St. Louis, Missouri in 1984. Burton comes from a large large family who was all about going to church. A day comes where he needs Jesus on his side. It all started with a witness who lied under oath. Burton […]

Thursday Night Football opened in Kansas City this past week at GEHA at Arrowhead Stadium. The highly anticipated matchup featured the Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Chargers. This Thursday Night matchup was unique because it marked the first game on Amazon Prime since the purchase by the company a year ago. The September […]

You would not expect the amount of people that attended the Kansas State Fair on a Sunday afternoon. Walking into the fair I would take a guesstimate of about 10,000 were in attendance. Just to think that so many people would come out to have a great time on hot Sunday afternoon is amazing. September […]

Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers is a Kansas-based fast food chain. Starting in Wichita, Freddy’s specializes in their famous smashed-style steakburgers. Thin patties with melted cheese on top makes customers return for more.  The Freddy’s at 2420 S 9th Street in Salina, KS, is the closest one to Kansas Wesleyan University. I recently decided to […]

Evolve Nutrition Publications 2022: Thalia Ramirez   What is it? Why go?   Looking for a yummy and healthy drink after your workout? Evolve nutrition is the just the place. Eleighny Renee owner of evolve is a recent graduate from high school who found herself wanting to pursue something that can help herself and others […]

Every single Saturday at Kansas Wesleyan you see people walking around with different flavors of cookies. You’re probably wondering “where are all these cookies coming from and how are there so many”? Well over in Wesley Hall there is a freshman named Jason Traister and he takes his free time every Saturday to make and […]

One of the biggest selling points made by Kansas Wesleyan University to prospective students is their unmatched record of excellence outside of the classroom, specifically in the form of sport and competition. Sports such as football and golf, in addition to other extracurricular activities such as DECA, continue to go above and beyond and reach […]

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