Month: January 2024

By Merissa Bailey Rios Chilling stories of an active shooter on college campuses fill headlines every week. With new technology emerging campus safety and security at Kansas Wesleyan University will majorly improve. Under the leadership of Director of Campus Security Bernie Botson, KWU is looking at AI—powered cameras, that identify threats before they strike, and […]

By Ryah Klima / Opinion Editor In today’s times, there are many opinion-based disputes. If someone gets asked, “Does pineapple belong on pizza?” It’ll be met with a plethora of answers, and if the right people disagree, a heated discussion can break out. Of course, these conversations are typically playful in nature, and rarely lead […]

 By Jerrian Anderson / Staff Writer The Super Bowl has become a massive event, with incredible halftime shows, memorable commercials and thrilling football action. It’s grown into a cultural phenomenon that brings people together to enjoy the game, the halftime shows, Betting and the excitement of the whole experience. With playoffs coming to an end, […]

By Nick Fierro / Staff Writer The future looks bright for Sodexo and Kansas Wesleyan University as they plan to expand Shriwise Cafeteria for students and staff by the fall of 2024. KWU has had conversations of either establishing a brand new building to settle the cafeteria by Wesley Hall on Santa Fe or expanding […]

By Beau Grant / Co-Sports Editor IMG_0615 The spring season of athletics approaches at Kansas Wesleyan University. The teams that are getting ready to go are finding ways to adjust to frigid temperatures hitting Salina in January. This has been one of the worst winters that Salina has ever seen with several inches of snow […]

By Merissa Bailey Rios School spirit is vital on gameday, fueling the players and energizing the crowd. As Kansas Wesleyan University Men and Women’s basketball teams take on Oklahoma Wesleyan University on Saturday, January 20th, the athletic staff has collaborated to create a vibrant game day environment. Athletic Director Miguel Paredes, Dance Coach Claire Schmidt, […]

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