Expansion and vegetarian meals at Shriwise

Written by on January 29, 2024

By Nick Fierro / Staff Writer

The future looks bright for Sodexo and Kansas Wesleyan University as they plan to expand Shriwise Cafeteria for students and staff by the fall of 2024.

KWU has had conversations of either establishing a brand new building to settle the cafeteria by Wesley Hall on Santa Fe or expanding the current location in Pfeiffer Hall. According to Sodexo’s Executive Chef Ashley Morrell, Sodexo is still deciding on these two options.

Morrell says Sodexo and KWU have been leaning towards expanding the cafeteria in Pfeiffer Hall. “We would be adding more seating, fixing up the kitchen and making it more accommodating for the students and staff.”

Morrell thinks the Pfeiffer Hall cafeteria is a “convenient location”, but KWU plans to turn the dining hall into a dorm lobby.
KWU has been implementing vegetarian options for students and staff as well.

Freshman Tyler Fink is among KWU’s students who is a vegetarian. Fink relies on eating anything non-meat that the cafeteria serves.

“I eat, tofu, fruit, grilled cheese, fries, pasta, pizza, quesadillas and whatever the caf is serving that is non-meat,” says Fink describing what he eats at the cafeteria.

“I just want better options,” says Fink.

The Resource General Manager for Sodexo, Megan Davenport is responsible for all operational management for the cafeteria. Davenport discusses how they are open to creating more options for vegetarians.

“We can bring plant-based chicken, plant-based sausage and or plant-based ground beef to fill in those vegetarian needs,” says Davenport.

Davenport mentioned how Sodexo is open to KWU’s students and staff suggestions for any food items they would want to have. “The more feedback the better,” says Davenport.

Sodexo has already catered to students and staff who need gluten-free products and hopes to cater more to the vegetarian clientele. Students and staff that are vegetarian, “find ways to get creative and add items on their plate from different stations,” says Davenport.

Sodexo has a recipe menu program that gives them a select few vegetarian options that they choose to make from. However, they encourage students and staff to bring recipes that are feasible for them.

Sodexo and KWU have a strong connection in having meetings that include ideas and ways the cafeteria can improve on their daily services. Sodexo bases its decision-making on what the students and staff want.

KWU has been anticipating an enrollment of 900 students this semester alone. Morrell says, the cafeteria feeds 625 students currently.

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