Intramural Basketball at Kansas Wesleyan

Written by on April 8, 2024

By Beau Grant / Co-Sports Editor

Intramural sports have a rich history on college campuses, dating back several centuries.

The overall concept of intramural sports became more formalized in the early 20th century. This period was focused on physical education programs and the recognition of the importance of sports and recreational activities in promoting student health and well-being.

Throughout the 20th century, intramural sports grew in popularity and expanded when colleges and universities began offering intramural leagues and tournaments, some of these sports included volleyball, tennis, basketball, and softball.

Intramural sports became only a means of promoting physical fitness on college campuses but also became a way to build social connections and community building on college campuses. Participation in intramural leagues offers students opportunities for camaraderie, teamwork, and stress relief amid the rigorous college life. 

Kansas Wesleyan, a school where 97% of the student population are athletes, still provides plenty of intramural opportunities for students.

Earlier this year we covered intramural pickleball, that was the first year of pickleball at Kansas Wesleyan and it was a big success.

Kansas Wesleyan also has other intramural sports that they have been playing for years, these include, volleyball, flag football, golf (which is very much a fan favorite), and this week’s feature basketball.

Basketball is great because it is a sport where most people have played at some point in time. Whether you were good or bad, at some point you either played competitively or got shots up in the driveway. Basketball is a sport that brings out teamwork and competition.

Conner Rohrer, a freshman baseball player who is participating in intramurals for the first time this year said, “It’s fun, it’s a good opportunity for other people to play a sport outside of their own”.

This year and last year intramural basketball is a 3v3 style of play, with two 12-minute halves, with each team having 3 timeouts, and teams are allowed a maximum of six players. Two years ago, it was a 5v5 style of play with two 15-minute halves, and the games were played at the Salina ymca, not in Muir gym.

The great thing about intramural basketball at Kansas Wesleyan is that it is uni-sex, both boys and girls are welcome to play, and they can play together or against each other. This gives both genders a fair chance to play without having to start a separate league.

Intramural basketball started on Friday the 5th, and games will be played every Friday for the next three weeks until a champion is crowned. 

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