Super Bowl Predictions

Written by on January 29, 2024

 By Jerrian Anderson / Staff Writer

The Super Bowl has become a massive event, with incredible halftime shows, memorable commercials and thrilling football action. It’s grown into a cultural phenomenon that brings people together to enjoy the game, the halftime shows, Betting and the excitement of the whole experience. With playoffs coming to an end, we took to the internet to capitalize on this exciting event by getting a few students to tell us who they believed were going to be Super Bowl champs. After viewing the results it seems that Kdub students seem to have one team in mind… “the flock”(ravens). With only 4 teams left let’s take a look at which team will be duking it out in the upcoming   AFC/NFC championship 


On the AFC side we will see the Baltimore Ravens (13-4) face off against the Kansas City Chiefs (11-6) @M&T Bank stadium this Sunday January 28th. Many  people are hoping the Baltimore Ravens come out on top, due to the simple fact fans are tired of seeing the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl. Even so according to sport critique such as CBS sports & Bleacher report both predict Kansas City Chiefs taking the win for this week’s game.


With The Buccaneers & Packers both eliminated last week the AFC Championship will kickoff January 28th @Levi stadium located in San Francisco where  will see the 49ers() and Detroit Lions  go head to head. Predictions seem to be in favor of the 49ers but with this being the AFC championship you never know what team will come out on top. 

After interviewing 5 Kansas Wesleyan students the outcome was clear even after  interviewing a Chiefs fan who had this to say “I think the Ravens are going to win the Super Bowl even though I’m a Chief fan”. Everyone seems to be rooting for the underdog this time round. 



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