By Merissa Bailey Rios / Staff Writer  Kansas Wesleyan University is taking a big step towards environmental awareness and action this fall with the launch of their new Environmental Justice Minor. Open to all majors, this minor goes beyond classroom learning to equip students with the skills they need to make a real difference. The […]

By Merissa Bailey Rios / Staff Writer Power Of Music  Music while being a source of entertainment is also a powerful tool that resonates with our very core. Regardless of personal preferences, music offers a unique wellspring of comfort and connection for many individuals. It has the remarkable ability to uplift our spirits, soothe difficult […]

By Merissa Bailey Rios / Staff Writer The Kansas Wesleyan University music department welcomed esteemed cellist Dr. David Littrell for a special performance and educational session on Thursday, March 14, 2024. Dr. Littrell’s visit extended beyond simply showcasing his musical talents; he offered a captivating exploration of the music itself, delving into the history and […]

By Merissa Bailey Rios/Staff Writer Kansas Wesleyan University hosted a successful career and internship fair on Thursday, March 28th, in the Student Activities Center. The event was open to all KWU students and offered a valuable opportunity to connect with potential employers and explore career options.   Local businesses and organizations were well-represented at the […]

By Merissa Bailey Rios/ Staff Writer For decades, a heartwarming tradition has been presented by the Kansas Wesleyan University Wesleyan Chorale, Singing Valentines. Each year, on Valentine’s Day the chorale travels through Salina, serenading sweethearts with beautiful melodies and spreading love throughout the city.  This year, under the direction of David Corman, the chorale is […]

By Merissa Bailey Rios/Staff Writer  For the third year the Kansas Wesleyan String Orchestra hosted Salina Strings Day. This event brings together the KWU, Salina South High school, and Salina Central High school orchestras. Joining together the orchestras for a concert at the Kansas Highway Patrol auditorium on the former Marymount College campus. Bringing Salina […]

By Merissa Bailey Rios/ Staff Writer With the stress of mid-terms looming, Kansas Wesleyan University is bringing some much-needed winter fun to campus. A chilling pop-up ice skating rink will be right here on campus! This Saturday February 10th, the SAC parking lot will be transformed into a winter wonderland. Brought to campus by Student […]

By Merissa Bailey Rios Chilling stories of an active shooter on college campuses fill headlines every week. With new technology emerging campus safety and security at Kansas Wesleyan University will majorly improve. Under the leadership of Director of Campus Security Bernie Botson, KWU is looking at AI—powered cameras, that identify threats before they strike, and […]

By Merissa Bailey Rios School spirit is vital on gameday, fueling the players and energizing the crowd. As Kansas Wesleyan University Men and Women’s basketball teams take on Oklahoma Wesleyan University on Saturday, January 20th, the athletic staff has collaborated to create a vibrant game day environment. Athletic Director Miguel Paredes, Dance Coach Claire Schmidt, […]

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