Author: Savannah Koga

By Savannah Koga / Staff Writer Battle of the Halls  Next week starts the annual Battle of the Halls competition. This feisty competition puts each dorm up against one another to determine which hall reigns supreme. There will be a series of competitions over the next week, across 5fivedays, that everyone can compete in to […]

By Savannah Koga / Staff Writer  Women in Leadership Conference  On Thursday, March 28th, Kansas Wesleyan University hosted the annual Women in Leadership conference. This will be KWU’s third annual conference. The event begins at 4:40pm and will be held in Mabee arena, inside the student activity center on the KWU campus.  The conference began […]

By Savannah Koga / Staff Writer Every year, Kansas Wesleyan University hosts an event called ‘Night with the Yotes’. The 2024 Night with the Yotes will be held February 23rd, in Mabee Arena of the KWU Student Activities Center.  The doors will open at 5 pm, with a welcome speech and dinner beginning at 7, […]

By Savannah Koga / Staff Writer  For the past 12 years, the city of Salina hosts Match Madness.  Through the Greater Salina Community Foundation, it is a day of giving to local nonprofit businesses that impact our community.  This year is year number 13 of Match Madness, so fittingly the theme is “The Lucky One.”  […]

By Savannah Koga / Staff Writer  Kansas Wesleyan Men’s Volleyball season is officially underway. After a successful preview of the men in the fall, the team is extremely positive for the upcoming season. The anticipation is building as the team is fired up about what can happen on the court. With an almost brand new […]

By Savannah Koga / Staff Writer  National Girls and Women in sports day is Wednesday, February 7.  “Women in sports have come a long way in 50 years. I admire the strong women in the past that have made a way for us to connect in sports and get us to a similar playing field […]

By Savannah Koga / Staff Writer The past couple of weeks the local area of Salina, Kansas and Saline county has been experiencing some extremely cold weather. With temperatures varying below 10 degrees on most days and the wind chill creating a feeling of negative temperatures.  Last weeks weather forecast:  January 12 High: 14 Low: […]

By Savannah Koga / Staff Writer Growing up when people would ask me, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I always wanted to be a detective, thinking I could go solve every crime mystery and my life would be just like NCIS. Though once I realized I was not cut out […]

One thing that makes Kansas Wesleyan University special is their mission to grow intellectually and spiritually.  Along with providing opportunities for academics, arts and athletics, KWU also gives it’s students the chance to experience and deepen their faith. The Campus Ministry program is there to help students on their spiritual journey and further enrich their […]

By Savannah Koga / Staff Writer Arguably one of the biggest parts of attending college is all the extracurricular actives available. Kansas Wesleyan University provides a handful of extracurriculars and clubs for students to join. There is a wide range of organizations depending on individuals interest. Since KWU is a methodist school and 70% of […]

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