Author: Victor Cascio

Being a student athlete, especially at the collegiate level, comes with a very unique and demanding set of challenges. Between practice, games, weight room sessions, etc, it seems like sometimes there is just not enough time left to give coursework the attention it requires. As such, keeping grades up can be a problem for some […]

Typically, after a double-header of losses to open a season, there would be a cause for concern from players, coaches, and fans alike. However, for the KWU Men’s and Women’s Soccer teams, there are several reasons to remain positive after a less-than-ideal opening night. The men’s and women’s teams both fell to the University of […]

After an impressive ending to last season, the Kansas Wesleyan Men’s Golf team looks to pick right back up where they left off at the end of last Spring, where they competed at the national championship and finished in 16th place. In an effort to continue making improvements to maximize their chances of making another […]

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