Author: Victor Cascio

Some of the biggest moments in sports history attained that stature they have because they were aided by a fantastic call by the play-by-play. A good call from the announcer can be the final piece to the puzzle, with the excitement oozing from their voice elevating the moment to iconic status. It can be a […]

Our setting is the city of Salina, 1954. Filming for the 1955 film “Picnic” has just wrapped up along the banks of the beautiful, vibrant, flowing Smoky Hill River. City residents have resumed some of their favorite recreational activities, which include boating, fishing and even swimming. Salina is alive and well, rich in entertainment options […]

One of the biggest selling points made by Kansas Wesleyan University to prospective students is their unmatched record of excellence outside of the classroom, specifically in the form of sport and competition. Sports such as football and golf, in addition to other extracurricular activities such as DECA, continue to go above and beyond and reach […]

There’s a reason that the “student” portion of “student-athlete” takes precedence in the phrase. The opportunity to play collegiate athletics and take on next-level competition is a privilege that not everyone gets to enjoy, but it comes with a requirement to keep a Grade Point Average (GPA) high enough to remain academically eligible. Without performance […]

While most KWU students enjoy watching their peers compete at sporting events from the stands, one lone Coyote can be seen strolling up and down the sidelines with one of his many baseball jerseys on and his camera in hand. That lone, jersey-sporting Coyote is Senior RJ Forbus. While almost all of the student body […]

There’s no doubt that the day-to-day expectations of a collegiate level student athlete are incredibly demanding. With countless games, practices, workouts, etc. to manage, kids also need an opportunity to break away from the daily grind and take part in some recreational activies. A great relaxation outlet offered at Kansas Wesleyan is the wide range […]

Last week, KWU senior Sisipako Vihekite unveiled the story of his transition from visions of playing Major League Baseball to now a heavily-devoted powerlifter who also entertains millions of accounts on the famous social media app known as TikTok.    What made his story so interesting was the total 180 degree turn in mindset that […]

One of the most iconic scenes from the 1993 classic “The Sandlot ” is the part where Benny Rodriguez and his gang of neighborhood misfits rush to the ball field for their only night game of the Summer on the 4th of July. As Rodriguez rounds the bases and all of his teammates direct their […]

February may be the shortest month of the year, but it’s the busiest month for the Multicultural Student Union at Kansas Wesleyan University. That’s because February is the month in which America recognizes and celebrates the contributions of African Americans to the country’s history, whether it be pop culture, politics, etc. This year especially will […]

When asked about his fondest memories of playing college golf at Kansas Wesleyan U, 5th year senior Cameron Becker (5thYRSR/Accounting) pauses briefly, 4 ½ years’ worth of team memories (both on and off the golf course) racing back to his mind. After thinking about the question for a little bit, Becker delivers his response. “My […]

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