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Written by on February 23, 2024

By Merissa Bailey Rios/ Staff Writer

KWU Choir

For decades, a heartwarming tradition has been presented by the Kansas Wesleyan University Wesleyan Chorale, Singing Valentines. Each year, on Valentine’s Day the chorale travels through Salina, serenading sweethearts with beautiful melodies and spreading love throughout the city.  This year, under the direction of David Corman, the chorale is eager to perform for the community whether at their workplaces, or homes. An experience that goes straight to the heart, filled with the joy and wonder of music. Imagine the surprise unfolding in the workplace or even a cozy home, the wave of beautiful voices taking over the space. Delivering an emotional serenade, becoming a gift of love delivered to the heart.

Students Experience

For students like Rachael Everitt, a Music Education major, participating in Singing Valentines is more than just a performance; it is an opportunity to witness the power of music. Everitt said, “It’s a blast.” The previous year Everitt and the chorale surprised the Salina Fire Department, a priceless experience, serenading the firefighters, and creating cherished memories.

Taiton Reed is a Music Performance major, is a Singing Valentines veteran. Reed has performed in this event for three years and is looking forward to performing this year for a special family member.

“The thing I like most about this tradition is seeing the surprised and embarrassed faces.” Spreading the joy on this special day to loved ones is Reeds most motivating factor. 

Joining the tradition for the first time this year is Perry Grewell, a Theatre Arts major with a passion for music and expressing emotions through art.

“I love, love,” Grewell said. “Being able to express the affirmations of emotional connection through song is incredibly sweet and moving.” Grewell’s enthusiasm is contagious, reflecting the choir’s collective excitement to share their musical gift and bring joy to others on Valentine’s Day.

Perry Grewell

What about those who might not have a special someone to celebrate this year?

This tradition isn’t just for couples, KWU understands that Valentine’s Day can be celebrated in many ways. In a KWU student media article Being Single on Valentines Day Doesn’t Have to Suck , there is a list of suggestions for celebrating with friends and a list of self-care tips. It is a reminder that love extends beyond romantic relationships and celebrating it can be a joyous experience regardless of your relationship status or feeling pressured by societal expectations.

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