KWU Students on Easter Sunday

Written by on April 3, 2024

Easter Sunday is widely celebrated across the globe. With Kansas Wesleyan University being a Christian oriented school, you can expect students and staff to be celebrating the holiday.

Easter Sunday is celebrated to commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in the Christian faith. Churches like University United Methodist Church (UUMC) experience a great turnout of attendance for their Easter Sunday service.

The Easter Sunday service was preached by lead Pastor, Nick Talbott.

Easter in Zimbabwe

Since this is a holiday that is celebrated across the world, international KWU student athlete Noel Zimbeva from Harare Zimbabwe gives his thoughts on Easter.

“In Zimbabwe, before Easter Sunday we celebrate the whole week. From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday,” says Zimbeva.

KWU Student Noel Zimbeva/ Courtesy of KWU Athletics Website

Zimbabwe celebrates Easter a little differently than American traditions. Zimbeva explains what happens during the week.

“Everyone in Zimbabwe is celebrating starting from Palm Sunday up until Good Friday.” Zimbeva calls this celebration week “Holy Week.”

“We actually mourn the day of Jesus’ death and start to wind down the celebration from starting on Good Friday because this was the day Jesus was crucified, until His Resurrection on Easter Sunday.”

For more information on how Zimbabwe celebrates Easter go to

Many people when asked what their favorite holiday is. The most common answer is “Christmas, Thanksgiving and Hallowe

KWU student Brett Walls/ Courtesy of KWU Athletics Website

en”. According to KWU student athlete, Brett Walls that is not the case.

Walls is from Taft, California and celebrates Easter as his favorite holiday every year back home. Now, Walls has found ways to celebrate Easter in Salina.

“I spend Easter here (Salina) with my church family and teammates. Easter is my favorite and most important for me because because it is the day Jesus defeated hell, He died so that we could obtain salvation through Jesus. Jesus saved my life and I am forever thankful for what He did for me,” says Walls.

Easter is an important holiday not just for Walls but for alot of people as well. Walls would like to see KWU commemorate the holiday more.

“I think KWU can commemorate Easter by educating the students about the meaning of it, what Jesus died and the reason for it.”

“This school year specifically I am seeing alot more students on campus hungry to know about Jesus,” says Walls.

Easter Sunday is a special holiday around the world, and KWU students’ faith is top priority in their lives. 



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