Shriwise Cafe at Bieber Dining Hall Coming Soon

Written by on April 3, 2024

Nicolas Fierro/Staff Writer

Construction taking place in front of Shriwise Dining Hall. / Photo by Nicolas Fierro

Kansas Wesleyan University has started their construction project in renovating the cafeteria.

KWU decided to expand the current cafeteria in Pfeiffer hall, after making the initial decision to assemble a brand new facility.

The the renovated cafeteria will be called “Shriwise Cafe at Bieber Dining Hall.”

Jeff and Margie Bieber who were the lead donors of the initial project, supported and were willing to make the change for the “betterment of KWU,” says KWU President Matt Thompson.

The Bieber’s vision was to ensure for students to interact while having quality meals. According to KWU Director of Plant Operations John Swagerty, Jeff Bieber wanted students to share the same experience he had when he attended college.

After the decision to remodel Shriwise Dining Hall, Swagerty says they “were still able to accomplish what he (Jeff Bieber) was looking for which was a new refreshed space for students, faculty and staff.”

Swagerty also says the process has been “time consuming,” but his team have been moving well despite the challenges.

Although construction is under way during the spring 2024 semester, student Breann Johnson can find it a bit challenging to adjust. 

“I understand that the construction is for a good reason, but I would like for them to push back the construction till the summer. I would like to see them close off the north side stairwell properly instead of blocking the area around it off to a doorway,” says Johnson.

Demolition work next door to the current cafeteria. / Photo by Nicolas Fierro

The current location of the cafeteria seems to be a convenient location for faculty, staff and students. “I like the current location due to it being under my dorm and I do not have to walk across the street for food,” says Johnson. Here is more content onSodexo’s outlook…vegetarian-meals/

Floor plan of Shriwise Cafe at Bieber Dining Hall./ Photo by Nicolas Fierro

Since this project is an expansion, seating, tables and space will enlarge out towards Sams Hall of Fine Arts. The newly built cafeteria will consist of new student parking and a newly renovated kitchen(s). 

There are phases for the project. The first phase will be done by the fall semester of 2024. The second phase is set to be done by the summer 0f 2025 with the completion of the cafeteria that will be open by the spring semester of 2026.

For more information on the decision go to

Blueprint of Shriwise Cafe at Bieber Dining Hall. / Photo by Nicolas Fierro

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