Kansas Wesleyan Football Players Participate in Dr. Seuss Week at Grace E Stewart Elementary

Written by on April 3, 2024

By AJ Cahee / Staff Writer

In a heartwarming display of community engagement, several members of the Kansas Wesleyan University Football Kansas team dedicated their time to inspire and educate young minds at Grace E. Stewart Elementary School. As part of the nationwide celebration of Dr. Seuss Week, these athletes put up their jerseys and traded tackles for tales.

Miss Rindt’s 4th Grade Class / Courtesy Photo

Setting a Good Example

On a crisp morning, the football players arrived at the elementary school, eager to share their love for reading and sports with the children. With colorful books in hand, they entered classrooms filled with wide-eyed students, their excitement palpable. From the moment they stepped in, it was clear that a special bond was about to be formed between these collegiate athletes and their pint-sized audience.

Roll Models

For the elementary school students, having these football players as guest readers was a thrilling experience. Many looked up to these athletes as role models, and seeing them championing the joy of reading left a lasting impression. The visit not only promoted literacy but also instilled the importance of giving back to the community and fostering positive relationships between students and athletes.

Making an Impact

Coach Matt Myers, the head coach of the Kansas Wesleyan football team, expressed his pride in the players’ involvement in community outreach initiatives. He emphasized the significance of using their platform to inspire and empower the next generation beyond the football field. “Our players understand the impact they can have off the field, and events like these allow them to make a meaningful difference in the lives of young students,” said Coach Myers.

Miss Rindt’s 4th Grade Class / Facebook

The partnership between Kansas Wesleyan University and Grace E Stewart Elementary exemplifies the power of collaboration in nurturing a supportive learning environment. By leveraging the influence of collegiate athletes, the community fosters a culture of academic excellence and civic responsibility, reinforcing the idea that education and athletics are not mutually exclusive but complementary aspects of personal development.

As the final pages were turned and farewells exchanged, the echoes of Dr. Seuss’s timeless wisdom lingered in the air. Through the magic of storytelling and the spirit of teamwork, these Kansas Wesleyan football players left a  mark on the hearts and minds of the students at Grace E Stewart Elementary, embodying the true essence of Dr. Seuss Week and the power of unity in building brighter futures.

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