Author: Lily Roberts

By: Lily Roberts  Kansas Wesleyan University hosted the first KCAC dance conference of the competition season called the Coyote Classic in the Mabee Arena last Friday. Two other universities were also in attendance, competing against our girls, Mcpherson College in Mcpherson, Kansas and Bethel College in Newton, Kansas.  It was an exciting day for the […]

By Lily Roberts / Staff Writer Kansas Wesleyan hosted their annual Winterpalooza event on December 7. It was a packed event, with many students and faculty in attendance, participating in different events and activities such as Santa hat and stocking decorating, a snow globe photo booth and many more. The participants could also enjoy warm […]

By Lily Roberts / Staff Writer Last month was September, and it is recognized as Suicide Prevention Month, a time when individuals, organizations, and communities come together to raise awareness about the importance of mental health and suicide prevention. This annual observance serves as a reminder that suicide is a public health crisis that can […]

By Lily Roberts / Staff Writer Kansas Wesleyan University had its second home game on Saturday, September 16, against Friends University. Compared to the last game, the attendance numbers grew, and the crowd’s energy levels were off the charts cheering the Coyotes on. The dancers and cheerleaders also influenced the cheers from the crowd, with […]

By Lily Roberts / Staff Writer Kansas Wesleyan University experienced their first football home game on Saturday, August 26, and it was a hot one. The, “hottest summer on record,” (Falk, 2023) was felt by all at the 10 in the morning game, with audience members feeling dizzy and sick with the metal bleachers roasting […]

By Lily Roberts / Staff Writer In a world where sports like soccer, basketball and tennis dominate the spotlight, the art of dance often finds itself on the sidelines, fighting for recognition as a legitimate sport. However, to dismiss dance as anything less than a sport is to underestimate the incredible physical and mental demands […]

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