KWU Esports looks to expand

Written by on September 5, 2023

By Nicolas Fierro / Staff Writer

Photo by Nicolas Fierro / The KWU Esports lounge, located in Peter Science Hall.

Kansas Wesleyan University Esports is receiving recognition around the student body. Students from all over KWU are joining esports to play their favorite video games. 

Photo courtesy of KWU Sports Information / Ethan Weis, Esports head coach.

Ethan Weis, Coordinator of Student Engagement and Esports arrived at KWU last year and plans to grow the program. Weis has decided to open the team to any student who claims an interest and wants to join.  

“I want to make it clear that, this is not a serious esports environment. We just want to share our interests with others,” said Weis. 

The environment Weis wants to create is a welcoming, joyous environment with the Esports program. He plans on expanding Esports to different games as well such as chess, cards, billiards and more. 

Although KWU Esports has only a select few games, Weis still welcomes all students to play whatever games they want, “I am trying to figure out, what games do people want to play and how can we leverage to get more space for people coming in.” 

Streaming content is also in the works for Esports. This is part of Esport’s expansion in receiving recognition. Weis plans on live streaming their events soon. 

Believe it or not, KWU Esports relies on other competing schools around the area for their expansion. Weis talks about communicating with schools such as Bethany, Wichita State and Marshalltown Community College. 

“There is not this rivalry amongst all the schools with Esports, we are taking a community approach to other schools. We have realized, this is brand new and the worst thing we can do is create enemies.”  

Switzerland freshman Dante Calabresi speaks about how the Esports program has been kind to him. 

Photo by Nicolas Fierro / Dante Calabresi setting up to play a round of Valorant

“It has been wholesome, I walked in and they gave me whatever I needed with no boundaries,” said Calabresi. 

Calabresi spoke on what Esport’s focus is and the environment, “It is very friendly here, easy requirements with only one mandatory practice a week for team building and forming together as a team. 

“If this program focused on competitiveness and time, then I would not be here. Games help get my mind of school and sports.” 

 The workload in life can be demanding, But Calabresi feels lifted with the community and video games. 



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