State of the Union event was fiery!

Written by on May 11, 2022

Since taking office, public assessment of his economic leadership has deteriorated, and he lags behind people’s impressions of Trump, who campaigned as a business-savvy president. The unemployment rate is quite low, but popular views may not reflect this fact, especially when other economic indicators, such as rising gas costs, put a burden on people’s budgets. In a nutshell, this is owing to the fact that several indicators of the economy’s health are long overdue. One of the first things I noticed was how elderly-looking Biden is.

He really doesn’t seem to remember the things he says or guarantees. Listening to him speak I feel like he doesn’t 100% live by his beliefs. I appreciate his hard work in making America balanced but I don’t really support Biden because I don’t have a political view or interest. I noticed he said we stand with Ukraine which is cool but I think Donald Trump would’ve done things absolutely. Democracy vs Autocracy is no longer an abstraction. It seemed like the war between Russia and Ukraine was something very urgent to say at the beginning of his speech. This led to him talking about the fight between democracy and autocracy not as an abstraction but as an urgent reality.  Now, Biden must deal with a land battle in Europe, Putin’s veiled threat of nuclear war, and the worldwide economic consequences of a Russian invasion. There, too, Americans expressed dissatisfaction with Biden’s handling of the problem before Russian armies invaded Ukraine. I feel like Biden wants more for the middle class because they work harder and they are a big part of the economy. He wants to create jobs and better-looking roads so America can look cleaner. He wants to provide affordable high-speed internet for everyone in America. Some of the things he says sound very good but it’s going to take a lot through taxes to get something like that going. He wants to create more jobs for the future so everyone in America has something to do. This just sounds like him wanting to balance out the country. I don’t know why more of him advocating for the middle class. He wants to create 10,000 new jobs by 2023. I disagree because I believe technology will take over the world and soonly earth will have functioned through technology. I think the future with technology will kill different species of animals and it will kill the earth, and global warming. More than half of Americans disapprove of Biden’s work as president, a trend that hasn’t changed since December when the omicron variety dashed expectations that the United States had turned the corner on the epidemic. Simultaneously, growing inflation and supply chain disruptions, as well as Biden’s stalled efforts to help reduce prices on things such as child care and health care, have contributed to a sense of disenchantment. I still do not approve of how well Biden has handled the country and I am sure I’m not the only American who can agree of course. I’m sure some of his purest followers could agree as well.

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