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Written by on February 6, 2024

By Merissa Bailey Rios/ Staff Writer

With the stress of mid-terms looming, Kansas Wesleyan University is bringing some much-needed winter fun to campus. A chilling pop-up ice skating rink will be right here on campus! This Saturday February 10th, the SAC parking lot will be transformed into a winter wonderland. Brought to campus by Student Engagement and Success Coordinator Mac Sianez, MS, in collaboration with the Power Performers. Welcoming the community for a public skate from 4 pm to 7 pm, followed by a student skate starting at 7 pm. Hot chocolate and cozy snacks will be waiting alongside the rink to warm up the skaters.

Portable rinks continue to rise in popularity as permanent ice rink numbers dwindle smaller each year. The synthetic ice rinks have no limits, with the flexibility it provides while being cost-effective. Having no limitations or dependency on the season or the climate. Operating in temperatures as high as 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The magic of ice skating can continue on at any location with the rink being portable and shaping to your location. 

Student Abby Ramos

Student Abby Ramos

Students Excitement:

For many students, especially those new to Salina, this event holds a special significance. This event will embrace the winter experiences that Salina offers, even if the city itself lacks a permanent ice rink. Freshmen Criminal Justice major Reese Kimmi perfectly captures this sentiment, expressing her excitement and nervous anticipation for the event.

“Bambi on ice? Maybe! Bring on the wobbly steps and winter wonderland vibes,” Kimmi’s sentiment was shared by many of her peers that find it nerve racking to step out on ice for the first time.  Sophomore Bio-Chemistry major, Abby Ramos, who has never set foot on ice before is enthusiastic to watch her friend’s skate.

“While I’ve never skated before, I’m definitely in for some fun tumbles and laughter with my friends,” Stepping out of her comfort zone Ramos is looking forward to seeing the SAC parking turn into a rink. 

This event will be a powerful collaboration, embracing community in Salina. Bringing students, staff, and local community members in for some winter fun. All getting the chance to step onto the ice together, forging connections and memories. Some seasoned skaters will be gliding along the ice along with some nervy first timers sharing in the fun. Allowing for some goofy photos of some who might not find their balance on the ice as well as others.

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