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Written by on February 7, 2024

Picture of author and KWU alumni Courtney Miller

Courtney Miller is a 2015 Kansas Wesleyan University alumna who has written about her struggles with being a survivor of an abusive relationship. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Marketing, and then graduated with a Master’s in Organizational Leadership in 2020 She is an author, a certified health and life coach since 2020 and a successful mother and wife. 

Miller always puts God first. She is passionate about ministering moms with littles in her church ministry group. Her mission is to follow where the Lord takes her and to give a helping hand wherever she sees fit. 

After her faith, she focuses on her husband and then their daughter.

Miller was a stay-at-home mom during the book writing process, “My husband and I were very intentional about setting hours aside throughout the week so I could write uninterrupted. I also had my own life coach keeping me accountable to book writing deadlines and working with me through the challenges.”

Courtney Miller’s book about her struggles.

Miller said, “Originally it was just for me and very therapeutic, but then I realized people needed the message and hope.”

She wanted the book to reach as many people as possible. Hoping that her experiences could help other people to process, heal, and grow. “Why I Didn’t Leave” talks about her being a survivor. 

“The content of my story could be triggering for some to hear,” Miller warns but still thinks it is beneficial to share her story to reach who it needs to. She believes we all know someone who is going through the same struggles. 

Though the process of writing a book about her journey was hard, time-consuming, and triggering process for Miller, she wanted to make something that would ultimately help another person go through something similar to what she did. 

Miller still loves to advocate for those who are victims and survivors of abuse. She believes that God puts her in the places she needs to be right when she needs to be there.

She knows that it is important to have someone who can support those who have gone through this and give tips to those who know someone who is. 

Courtney is coming to Salina, this weekend to do a book signing at Red Fern Booksellers on February 10 for those who are interested in meeting her before the events happening at Kansas Wesleyan University.

If you would like to attend either event at KWU click here for more information: Courtney Miller presentation 2.2024


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