Courtney Miller is a 2015 Kansas Wesleyan University alumna who has written about her struggles with being a survivor of an abusive relationship. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Marketing, and then graduated with a Master’s in Organizational Leadership in 2020 She is an author, a certified health and life coach since 2020 and a […]

Do you like carving pumpkins? How about a more colorful approach like painting? Campus Ministry hosted a pumpkin carving extravaganza in the SAC on Monday, October 30. Students at Kansas Wesleyan University put their competitive spirits to the test and participated in this event. They provided dinner for those who came on Monday night.  Judging  […]

On Wednesday, September 27 KWU’s Praise Band led Fields of Faith at Dean Evan’s Stadium. Fields of Faith is a service that brings the community together to worship and praise God.  The KWU Praise Band includes Madeleine Johnson (vocalist), Scott Jagodzinske (bass guitar), Taiton Reed (keys), Joshua Chelvin (piano), Simeon Faagai (acoustic guitar), Grady Tatum (drums), Cynder […]

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