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Written by on April 4, 2022

What makes KWU special you may ask? Well here at KWU we have something called Blessing on the go which is part of the campus ministry. What is the campus ministry exactly? well it’s “committed to awakening, equipping and sending students for Christ through student-driven community, discipleship and local to global service. Students enjoy weekly chapel service, small groups, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, service experiences, counseling, prayer support and many other opportunities for spiritual growth”. Strong words to describe what the campus ministry does for us students here KDUB and how they can support us through tough times with a simple prayer that can go a long way. As well as “A healthy spiritual life and journey is an important part of a successful college experience. Helping students to integrate faith and life while growing spiritually is as vital as stimulating creativity and discover, to nurture the whole person – body, mind, and spirit as you encounter the challenges of college life”. With this and how KWU provides it to us free at cost can go to a long length into helping someone overcoming their mental health when being away so far from home at times. I had the time to go over with pastor Scoot who is part of KWU campus Ministry and blessing on the go and this what he had to say about it “blessed on the go is one of campus activities that has a couple different things such as one on Thursday’s during the lunch hour we’re going to be in the activity center praying with students and we’ll have snacks with them to take home, but the main thing is to pray with people. Every now and then well have coffee or ice tea for when it gets hot. But also around campus we have purple and yellow boxes that say “blessed on the go” how can we pray for you that students and facility can write and what they need prayers for and stick them in the boxes and go on with their day. We also have a group of students that gather together every Week and pray on those and we follow up with them if they chose to follow up with the prayer that they decided to leave on the boxes that we have around campus. It’s another way to be able to connect with people in a way that they haven’t before or have in the past”. These were such thoughtful words from pastor scoot on how to describe what blessed on the go means and what it provides for the students here at KDUB. If you ever want to visit the campus ministry you can find the room at pioneer hall room 130 and have a chat with pastor Scoot who thoughtful and willing to hear you out if you’re ever going through a rough patch and just need someone to hear you out or even make a prayer together as well. As well as if you ever want to be part of the campus ministry you can read more about the program, they on the KWU website, which offers a lot such as scholarships, internships, religious life opportunities and many more.


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