How does it feel to move out of state to another state to attend school but in a way makes you feel like you’re an outsider? What I mean by that is by your ethnicity such as being Hispanic and coming to a state where it’s prominently white and on a rare occasion mixed ethnicity. […]

When you come to a school mainly for a sport do you ever think you’ll be a redshirt? Well first off let me get into what a redshirt is exactly is, it’s when a person decides to hold out for a year in their sport to improve their skill level in that certain sport or […]

What’s more exciting than watching a game go into OT? Well, this past weekend the women’s soccer team went up against Bellevue university that ended up going to OT. The whole game was intense from the start both teams kept going back and forth at each other. At the end of the first half, it […]

Welcome back Coyotes it’s a new year new semester and some things still haven’t changed, while other things have. It’s still 2021 and covid is still around and affecting our lives still more than we know it. Even if we won’t want to open up our eyes and realize it. Although Covid is still around […]

When it comes to a school and makes it stand out, it makes you think what does this school have that other schools don’t? what draws students to this school and what makes them want to come here. Sometimes it’s about the sports, academics, dance etc. as well as what’s someone favorite part of their […]

When you actually think about it what makes you move from a community college to a university is their background history? Is it their beautiful environment they have around the school? It might even be buildings they have or it can be as well how the professors care about their students and try their best […]

When it came to thinking about what question I could ask a senior at KWU it got me thinking what’s the most important thing to a senior KWU besides academics. That’s when it hit me, I could ask a senior who plays sports “what does it mean to be a senior to play their last […]

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