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Written by on January 18, 2022

Welcome back Kansas Wesleyan students!

We’re back to a fresh start for spring semester, some will redeem themselves from last semester, some will continue to put in the same work they’ve been putting in from fall semester.

Although it may be a new semester and a new year as well, covid is still around and affecting us in our daily life’s. such as not going back to normal yet in our school by still having to wear our masks for safety reasons. As we move along, we try to process how to help the school and students how to get over this hump that we’re going through currently and how we can stop the spread of it. For starters that’s why we’re required to wear masks still that’s the number one safety rule to stop the spread.

As it’s a new semester I tried to get feedback from students to see what they feel when coming back to this semester and see what it makes them feel. I had the time to chat with one of my teammates from last semester Hector Andrade a freshman from San Diego California who is a Software Eng. & Info Mgt Major.

When having the time to chat with Hector this what he had to say and what stood out from the interview as well “Coming back to Kansas Wesleyan feels amazing I missed the people and the amazing teachers that we have at KWU. I can’t wait to attend all the events that the school hosts and I’m glad that I made the decision to come back since I was going to go back to my home town for second semester”. Interesting choice of words Hector decided to use because it’s never easy for first time freshmen to move thousands of miles away from their families and act like it doesn’t affect them. What makes Hector make the time pass by here while being away is trying to attend the events that is provided by the school to make new friends that can last a life time.

I was also able to get a chat with Lissette Garcia as well who is a senior from Bakersfield California who is a criminal justice major. As well as part of the women’s soccer team for the past two years here at KDUB. This what she had to say about being back and as well as being back for the last time as she prepares to graduate this upcoming may. She had this to say “Being back at Kansas Wesleyan has no different feeling than any other time I have come back. The main different feeling is that this semester I would be graduating. I was not planning to graduate until spring 2023. So, knowing I am able to graduate an entire year earlier than planned is one of the best news I’ve heard. The reason I am graduating earlier is because I switched my major back to criminal justice which is something I really enjoyed doing. I can’t wait to see how everything turns out to be for me, looking forward to this semester”. 

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