Colby Klieman, High School Mid-Year Transfer Progress

Written by on May 6, 2022

Have you ever heard of a mid year high school transfer in junior college or a four year college? Well if you have not heard of or do not know any, you have now. There is a student here at KWU that is a mid-year high school transfer. His name is Colby Klieman. We will go into depth on where he is from, his background, and his purpose. It was fun to talk to Colby and get to know him. 

Colby was born in Dubuque, Iowa to Chris and Rhonda Klieman. He has an older brother and sister who are both current students at Kansas State. He has lived in Cedar Falls, Iowa, Fargo, North Dakota, Springfield, Missouri, and now resides in Manhattan, Kansas.

On January 17 he turned 18 and is in his freshman year starting in the spring semester. In all technicality, he should be a senior in high school right now. He graduated in December of 2021 early from Manhattan High School. That means Colby is a mid-year high school transfer. That is pretty unprecedented and not too many people in this world can say that. He decided to major in business management. Wanting to earn his bachelors as soon as possible. He was asked how he felt about being a mid-year high school transfer and how his first semester in college is going. “I’m very glad I came here early for this semester. I am a lot younger than all of the guys I usually hang around with so I learn a lot from them and their experiences’, especially when a lot of them are from other states. For my first semester in college, this semester has gone really well for me. I was very pleased with my progress in my first semester of college. I have gotten used to being in college and being away from home, and I have gotten better at doing my homework on time and making sure I go to class.” 


Not only is Colby a student but he plays football as well. He played all 4 years at Manhattan High as a free safety. Colby lettered as a sophomore and was asked to represent Manhattan High and play in the all star game which will be held on July 23 at Pittsburgh, Kansas. While he waits to suit up for the all star game, he has been participating in offseason spring practices, weights, and conditioning. His response to how football has gone for him this spring was, “Football this semester has gone well for me. The first couple practices it took some time to get used to the speed of the game compared to high school. I am happy with how I have done this spring ball, I played pretty well through the practices and I have gotten a lot better leading into the spring game in May.” He also mentioned that he has grown as a person having to live on his own for the first time. He has to take more responsibility on his own, getting up on time for classes, doing homework, laundry, and keeping his room organized. He mentioned that being around older people has allowed him to learn more, and become interested in newer things that he hasn’t heard of because of his younger age.

Colby was asked what his purpose is here at KWU. “My purpose in my academics is to learn as much as I can about business and figure out what I want to do with my degree. My purpose in football is to be the best player that I can be and see where that takes me whether it be playing at a higher level or coaching.” When Colby graduates, if playing at the next level isn’t his plan, coaching can be in his best interest. He has a powerful connection in the football coaching world. His father is Chris Klieman, head football coach at Kansas State. 


Colby was also asked if he likes Salina and what he does in his free time? He responded, “I like Salina, it is similar to what I am used to at home in Manhattan. There are a good amount of places to go eat and do things outside of football. I also love how supportive the community is here. In my free time I like to play video games and play other sports outside of football like basketball or golf. Also while in the dorms, I like to hang out with my football teammates.” 


With the fall semester right around the corner with football season, which Colby’s progress will be kept up with. Having 4 years of eligibility, Colby is planned to graduate in the spring of 2025. 


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