KWU Bucket List: Royalty Heights

Written by on October 6, 2022

To give you any good recommendations about what places to go as a new Kansas Wesleyan student or even if you have been a student, Coronado Heights is something you cannot miss out.

History of Coronado Heights

Coronado Heights located in Lindsborg, was named after Francisco Vasquez de Coronado who was a Spanish explorer back in the 1500’s. History tell us that, Coronado set up camp at the site while on his search for the city of Quivira.

On your way up to the monument, you have to go through these twist and turns on a narrow dirt road, so I had to be very cautious of your surroundings. Once you get to the top of the hill, you witness an immaculate view of plains of all shades; brown grass, freshly cut green grass and cornfields.

In 1920, a road was built to go up the hill of Coronado Heights which is named Swensonn Drive.

Royalty Heights

There are many buildings, but the one that catches your eye is the castle. Reminds you of medieval times with the structure and even how it looks inside. Once you walk in, you see the dining area and it has stone tables, with columns of seats on each table. You can tell it was built in the 1500’s.

The castle gave me a Game of Thrones feel or like a king and queen resided in the castle. It is interesting to see how these monuments were built back in the day.

There was this one building that was near the entrance and it looked like a house, so it had me curious as to what it was.

When I entered, I saw that it was actually a restroom and I noticed no plumbing system; just simply one toilet. There was no flush or anything, just a toilet that was sitting on top of deep hole with a bunch of waste. Very interesting to see how restrooms were 500 years ago.

 After you check out the dining area, you can go up a stairway where you get to the highest point of Coronado Heights. This is a great opportunity to where you can take breathtaking photos (especially during the sunset).

There is about 8-12 fireplace spots with seating, which is good for visitors to enjoy themselves or even have a nice grill out session. 

If you think there is no hiking in Kansas, think again. You can get a gist of what hiking can be like with a small trail near one of the fireplace spots, which is really cool.

I will definitely be back before I leave Kansas Wesleyan, and not to mention, it is a great place to bring a date!


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