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Written by on August 25, 2023

By Nicolas Fierro / Staff Writer

The Making of Kansas Wesleyan Sport’s New Website

After a successful 2022-23 year of Kansas Wesleyan sports, KWU decided to update the sports website before the fall 2023 semester.

KWU’s former website was noticing some functioning problems, which led the change of transitioning to a new and improved website.

The previous version of the website was made in 2009 through SID Help that was integrated through PrestoSports.

“This was done to get better features and have a more updated look while having strong customer support is worth the additive investment” says David Toelle, Associate Athletic Director for Athletic Communications.

Toelle also thinks the website in the future will receive a, “return on investment with a stronger recruiting base”.

“This could be a deciding factor for students choosing schools,” says Toelle.

Athletic Director Miguel Paredes on the website

Miguel Paredes, Athletic Director of KWU, brings a sense of community to the school.

“It is not what I want it to be, it is what they want it to be,” Paredes on changing the culture of relationship building within the athletic offices.

Paredes thinks recruiting will improve as far as bringing in athletes not only with skill but with character.

“Actions speak louder than words,” Paredes said.

With the making of the new website, this will definitely be an example of taking action.

This generation is widely built around technology and social media.

“Whenever you hire a new staff, you get new uniforms. Now we have a new AD, we have a new website,” says Paredes.

Paredes thinks the new website will bring more recognition to KWU sports’ brand name.

Paredes also points out the record-breaking enrollment for the new school year. This played a big role after past success from KWU sports and the student body. As a result, Paredes advocated for a new website. 

Now, KWU sports’ website was purchased under SideArm Sports.


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