Meet Sky: KWU’s new Director of Pawsitivity

Written by on August 23, 2023

By Ryah Klima / Photography Editor

Photo by Ryah Klima / Sky walking around the office of Student Development. Sky is now 12 weeks old.

As students and staff roll into a new year at Kansas Wesleyan University, there is a lot to be excited about. One of the many new and wonderful things on campus is the newest Director of Pawsitivity, Schuyler. Schuyler, a golden doodle, is one of the newest members of the coyote pack at just ten weeks old. While she also responds to the name ‘Sky’, her namesake comes from KWU’s first residence hall, Schuyler Hall. The hall was built in 1904, and named after one of the university’s founders, Dr. Aaron Schuyler. 

 As the Director of Pawsitivity, Schuyler has a few responsibilities. JD Koons, the Assistant Vice President of Student Engagement and Success, was able to provide a better understanding of Schuyler’s purpose on campus.  

 “As the Director of Pawsitivity, Schuyler gets to interact with students and other guests on campus in a positive manner,” Koons said. “She also will have an opportunity to visit various classrooms and locations throughout the year to spread positivity and take on a larger role on campus.” 

 Schuyler is not the first Director of Pawsitivity, but that does not make her role any less important or impactful.  

 “Schuyler is the third Director of Pawsitivity at KWU and like her predecessors she brings a different perspective to the campus,” Koons stated. “Visitors and students alike get joy from their encounters with her.” Overall, the presence of a campus dog impacts people around campus in many positive ways. According to Koons, “Schuyler is an integral part of campus life and teaches us all something every day.” Her position and the part she plays at KWU does not go unnoticed.  

Photo by Ryah Klima / Sky walking around the office of Student Development.

 Even early into the semester, students are already feeling Schuyler’s impact around campus. Minneapolis sophomore Hannah Swagerty attended the meet and greet for Schuyler held on the Bevan Green on August 18, and felt very passionately about the pup’s presence on campus. 

 “As a student I find that having a dog on campus helps with stress and morale,” Swagerty said. “The best part about Sky’s presence on campus is that she allows the students here a way to relax and have fun. She also gives many students joy and excitement.” 

 The student body and staff at Kansas Wesleyan University are excited to welcome Schuyler to campus. Schuyler works in the Student Development office from eight in the morning to five in the afternoon, Monday through Friday. She is available for walks, playtime and cuddles during those times. 

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